Rakesh Rajdev

Bequest Of Wealth Offered By Rakesh Rajdev During The COVID-19

Have you ever seen a guy who dedicatedly works in supporting society? If you are in North India then you would say that it’s Rakesh Rajdev. There are only a few people in the world who have such dedication towards well-being in society.

Being a successful businessman, he shares his wealth for the betterment of society through the social welfare organization he has started namely KanudaMitra Mandal. He has been running this charity and social welfare organization since November 2011.

Especially During The COVID-19 Pandemic Time He Supported Society In Many Ways. Let’s Know About It In Detail Here.

1. Medical assistance in hospitals and medical centres – In the heart-wrenching situation of quarantine, medical centres and hospitals were jammed with COVID-positive patients. Hence they faced more challenges in offering treatment to the patients. Hence Rakesh Rajdev offered beds, testing kits, sanitizers and other necessary medical equipment so that they can continue offering treatment to the patients.

2.Financial assistance for the labourers–The labour community is the most pitiful class in every society. So to offer the proper financial support to them Rakesh becomes a supportive hand to them. About 50000+ labourers were offered food packages, grocery packages and sanitation kits. All the aid was sent through the 34 trains. At that particular time, not even a single train left the place without the aid. He sent all these things by train so that they will reach their hometown safely.

3.Assistance to the students – For about 8000+ students, he offered educational kits such as school bags, notebooks, water bottles, lunch boxes and other necessary stationery items. Rakesh always believed that the students are the future of the nation. But Rakesh Rajdev felt sad that the students discontinue their education due to poverty. Hence he decided to support their education by offering these kits.

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