A Quick Introduction About Rakesh Rajdev

Rakesh Rajdev

Philanthropy is the genetic trait which is transferred from generation to generation in the Rajdev family. Rakesh Rajdev got his kind heart which was transmitted to him from his late father – Prataprai Rajdev.

Rakesh Rajdev belongs to Rajkot, Gujarat. He is a successful businessman and famous social worker of the state. He is running a luxurious three-star hotel namely Roma Kristo Hotel. This hotel is located in the heart city of Dwarka. He has also recently started a five-star hotel namely Courtyard by Marriott in Batumi, Georgia in collaboration with Marriott.

Usually, celebrities and elite-class family members visit the hotel to have a great time and to taste the delicious foods available in the hotel.

Apart from running these hotels, Rakesh Rajdev also runs UAE-based companies namely APM Intl DMCC, APM Capital and APM Bullion.

APM Intl DMCC – It is a company which offers a wide range of services which includes the wholesale or retail of gold and silver, gold and silver trading in Dubai and refining gold into high-quality bullion. These are carefully crafted based on international standards and made available for the clients for their businesses.

APM Capital –This is the company which collaborates with the top tier liquidity providers to offer their clients a pool of liquidity and tight spreads as well as ultra-fast execution.

APM Bullion –Here you can find physical gold and silver bullion trading company which is located in Dubai. You can get it delivered to your location easily and use it for your business.

Apart from running the businesses, Rakesh Rajdev also runs a social welfare organization namely Roma Kristo Hotel. With this organization, Rakesh Rajdev has supported several families and people in society. He has supported labourers, students and other needy people and families so that they can lead a better life.

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Rakesh Rajdev's New

Programs for Special Needs People

Rakesh Rajdev has organized various programs and events to encourage and motivate the special needs people. Whether celebrating festivals with special needs kids or playing Holi with old-age people, the Rajdev family always ensures the special needs people are part of the society.

Financial Aid for Laborers

Labor is the most pitiful class of every society. So, to provide financial support to them, Rakesh Rajdev and his companions worked for their sake.

About 50000 laborers were given food packets and sanitation kits. And this bulk of aid was transferred via 34 trains. At that time, not a single train moved without a single aid.

Besides, it was also a graceful step taken by Rakesh Rajdev that about fifty thousand laborers were sent to their hometown from Rajkot. In this way, they returned to their families safely.

The time of the COVID-19 global pandemic was a highly difficult and strenuous time for the whole world. In this scenario, the Indian society had eagerly need strong financial and medical support.

As the novel coronavirus’ graph reached its peak, the government ordered for lockdown. Everyone was restricted to his home. The financial downfall had started at that time for most of the families. Especially the life of daily-wager was badly affected. But God always helps in tough times by someone in any form to his creature. At that time, Mr. Rakesh Rajdev emerged as a north star for his society. Now figure out how Rakesh Rajdev contributed to his society in quarantine.

Medical Assistance in Hospitals

In a heart-wrenching situation of quarantine, hospitals and medical centers had also needed help. So, at that moment, Mr. Rakesh Rajdev provided beds, testing kits, sanitizers, and many other medical equipment to help the COVID patients. Apart from this, he also provided luxury rooms in the hospitals for the frontlines of the nation. Because they had been devoted their days and nights to strive for their nation.

For School Going Children

This social welfare organization has also worked for the education sector too. About 8000 needy students were provided with educational kits. Not only this, lunch boxes, water bottles, and school bags were also provided to the students of grade 1 to grade 9. Moreover, the children of laborers were also provided with food packets and bags.