Rakesh Rajdev (રાકેશ રાજદેવ) and Rupal Rajdev’s Navaratri 2022

You’ve probably heard that genetic features are passed down from parent to child. Rakesh Rajdev (Gujarati: રાકેશ રાજદેવ, Hindi: राकेश राजदेव) is an excellent example of this old saying. He inherited a loving heart from his late father, Partapbhai Rajdev. Due to this loving heart, he has managed to help numerous people from the lower class, and they all remember him for his countless efforts.

How often have you seen well-to-do people having a heart of gold? There are rarely any because everyone wants to keep the money they have earned for themselves. But Mr. Rakesh isn’t one of those selfish human beings. Instead, he is selfless and devoted to this good cause.

Along with his partner, Rupal Rakesh Rajdev, a symbol of devotion and well-being for her community, they serve the less-privileged community. They say when you are a kind-hearted person with nothing to give but good vibes, you attract the same kind of people, and Mr. Rakesh and Rupalben are both lucky to have found each other. They work with immense sincerity and have also started their own NGO, Kanuda Mitr Mandal, which benefits those who are currently undergoing poverty.

India, a country with a rich cultural heritage, has several joyfully, joyously, ritualistically, and zestfully observed festivals. Festivals are joyous occasions, and they should be celebrated to bring families closer and learn the real meaning of life, which is to bond and stay happy with each other.

Usually, people coming from a lower-class background do not have enough sources to celebrate the festivals and bring joy to their homes. But Rakesh Rajdev and Rupal Rakesh Rajdev take care of this and ensure the kids belonging to a lower-class community enjoy their festivals to the fullest like the other kids are enjoying.

Let’s take the Navaratri festival as an example. Although it doesn’t benefit them in any way, they still hold special events for small kids during Navaratri so that they can also celebrate like the other kids and feel like there is someone to take care of them.

Before COVID-19, wonderful dinners and competitions were arranged for little children. It was a beautiful sight because the venue was lit with innocent touches of laughter, cheery conversations, and a thankful attitude. However, after COVID-19 pandemic, they took around 7000 children belonging to a under-priviledged society to a fun amusement park named “Fun World” based in Rajkot (Gujarat, India). The children did not have to pay a single penny as everything was free, including the food and rides. They also got wonderful gifts which surely made them smile from head to toe.

The whole event was enjoyable because even a DJ was arranged, and some of the girls even performed Arvachin Garba, which is a traditional dance consisting of some unique steps, and a competition was held for “The best traditionally dressed”, “Best Garba Dancer” and “Best Rangoli” which allowed the children to win great prizes if they won.

By promoting kindness, Mr. Rakesh and Mrs. Rupal Rajdev are doing a wonderful job because they are making people think that humanity is still alive, and when you do good, you surely meet people with the same energy.